General Purchase Conditions

1. Parts

On the one hand, BERMONDSEY, S.L. (hereinafter, Bermondsey or ZIGLER, indistinctly), is a Spanish company, with NIF B82525577, and registered office in Madrid, at calle Claudio Coello 16, owner of the platform (hereinafter , the Website), and of another, the Buyer, understood as any User according to the provisions of the Terms of Use, of legal age and with the necessary legal capacity, to complete the steps established therein aimed at the acquisition of the products offered by the Website.

2. Object

The purpose of these General Purchase Conditions is to regulate the acquisition by the User of household products, especially carpets, through the Website, in exchange for an economic consideration that corresponds to what is provided herein. In accordance with the provisions of current legislation, only products and services will be sold. This contract is made in Spanish. The electronic document of the contract will be filed by the company according to date and version and will be made available to the User upon completion of the purchase, both on the Website and by sending it by email along with the confirmation of the purchase.

3. Products and services

The Website offers information about all products and services for sale, features and prices. However, it reserves the right to withdraw, replace or change the products and services offered to its customers through its website by changing the content thereof. The products and services offered at any time by the Web will be governed by the general conditions in force in each case. That is why Bermondsey will have the power to stop offering, without prior notice and at any time, access to the aforementioned products and services. All products and services intended for sale to the public comply with the legal guarantees of marketing through telematic means.

4. Purchasing process

The purchase process is simple and can be done through the Website. To purchase through the Website, any User must navigate through the catalog of products and services on the Website and add to the shopping cart those products that are of interest, specifying the number of units and sizes in their case (from not exist several sizes, you must select the only available option). Once this is done, the User must:

a. Click on the shopping cart and click on "Finish Purchase". If the User wishes to modify the order, he may do so, adding or deleting products.

b. At this point, the User will be asked to review the information shown on the screen, select the shipping method and, if there are several available, add all those necessary to calculate the shipping costs.

c. Next, it will be required that, if it had not already done so, the User identifies himself as a Registered User of the Website or, where appropriate, who proceeds to register as such, for which purpose he must accept the Privacy Policy together with certain conditions specific to that effect.

d. Once this has been done, it will be necessary to accept the present conditions and proceed to the payment after selecting the preferred method. Currently, the means of payment available are the following:

i. PayPal: for this, it is necessary to have an active account in Paypal. More information in

ii. Payment by card: payment by card is made through the Redsys platform, accepting Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express cards, and also through the PayPal payment service: in the latter case, without having to have an account on said web. More information in

e. Once this has been done, the User must, after reviewing their order and depending on the selected payment method, proceed to the payment and, with this, confirm their willingness to acquire and formalize the purchase, upon acceptance of these Conditions.

f. Bermondsey will confirm that you have received your order confirmation and, if applicable, will also confirm the payment, sending the corresponding invoice by email. With the acceptance of these General Purchase Conditions, it is understood that you have consented to the sending of an electronic invoice. At any time, you can oppose it by writing to You can also request the paper invoice whenever you want.

g. Te entregaremos el pedido en el domicilio que nos facilites a través de mensajería, correos o similar. El tiempo de entrega será el establecido en las condiciones particulares para cada producto que se ofrezca en el Sitio Web.

5. Pricing Policy

The prices that are shown on the Web are set by Bermondsey. The prices are shown in Euros. Before purchasing any of the selected products, we will show you the prices broken down according to the taxable base and the applicable taxes at each moment. Transportation and delivery costs are indicated on the Website at any time. There may be restrictions on sending to third countries that will be specified in the particular information of the Website.

6. Acceptance of the General Purchase Conditions

When the purchase is made entirely through the Web, you must read these Conditions and accept them expressly, by clicking on the check box of the corresponding consent, which is unchecked by default, at the end of the purchase process. In case there are special rules or restrictions that affect certain rates, discounts and / or products that you have selected, such rules or special restrictions will be shown on the screen before proceeding to the acquisition of the product.

7. Withdrawal

Bermondsey offers the Buyer the possibility of canceling its purchase, for any reason, within fourteen (14) calendar days following that in which it had received the last of the products ordered. You can return the products by the method of your choice, having to assume the transportation costs derived from it, by placing the order at Bermondsey, SL, Calle Claudio Coello 16, 28001, Madrid, or, if you prefer, you can request the pick up the product you want to return by writing to, indicating the collection address, your personal data and the order number. A transport company will appear at the address you have indicated in the communication. Since Bermondsey has received confirmation that the Buyer has returned the product (s) from which it has withdrawn or has received them - whichever occurs first -, Bermondsey will return the quantities to the Buyer. that had paid, by the same means used for the purchase. The goods must be returned in identical conditions to those in which they were delivered, with all their containers and wrappings. If you want to change the product for a similar one but in another size, you must give up your purchase and proceed to make a new purchase. In the event that the item you purchased was defective, we will proceed, as appropriate, to the repair, replacement, reduction and / or resolution in accordance with the legal guarantee.

8. Guarantee

The legal guarantee according to the provisions of the TRLGDCU is applicable.

9. Obligations of the Parties

9.1. Obligations of Bermondsey

Under these Conditions, Bermondsey is committed to: a. Put our best efforts in the execution of the necessary procedures so that you receive the order. b. We will provide you with all the necessary documentation to receive the order. c. We will comply with any other obligations contained in these Conditions or in any other conditions that may be applicable.

9.2. Obligations of the Buyer

With the acceptance of these Conditions, you agree to: a. Pay in due time and form the corresponding amounts, including taxes, fees and other specified costs during the purchase process. Failure to pay, when it does not take place in the last step of the purchase process, will exempt Bermondsey from compliance with its obligations. b. Respond to the authenticity and accuracy of any data you have provided to make the purchase. c. To assume the responsibility derived from not fulfilling the requirements demanded by Bermondsey to hold the status of Buyer or from the non-possession of the required documentation to place the order. d. Fulfill any other obligations included in these Conditions or in any other conditions that may be applicable, such as the General Conditions of Use or the Individuals of Registration, and assume any liability arising from its breach, leaving Bermondsey totally unharmed.

10. Guarantee

The legal guarantee according to the provisions of the TRLGDCU is applicable.

11. Exclusion of Liability

Bermondsey will in no case be liable for damages and losses caused to the Buyer for causes attributable to it. In this sense, Bermondsey provides all those technical-sanitary instructions, relating to the products, as well as the documentation referring to their use, precautions and, where appropriate, Instruction Manual. Bermondsey will be solely responsible for the damages that are caused to the Buyer as a consequence of the purchases made through the Website when they derive from an intentional act of that. In a purely enunciative and non-exhaustive manner, Bermondsey will not be responsible for: a. The utility they have for you and / or the adaptation to your needs of the products acquired through the Website. b. Personal or material damages caused as a result of the use of the products. c. The damage to the products when they have been caused in the transport. d. The breach of its obligations for reasons of force majeure as they may be, without intending to be exhaustive, internal or external strikes, natural catastrophes, breaches by the company in charge of transport, etc. The activity of Bermondsey is limited to the execution of the material tasks necessary to get you the products and services that you have selected and subsequently acquired. In no case are we responsible for the choice of products and services that you have made. Bermondsey establishes in the characteristics of each product and service all that information referring to the risks of misuse, as well as the purposes for which its use is foreseen. Therefore, the buyer is responsible for the lack of diligence in checking these specifications. In any case, the liability that Bermondsey assumes against the Buyer in no case includes the loss of profit and will be limited, in any case, at most and for any reason, to the total amount received by Bermondsey from the Buyer in accordance with the stipulation on economic conditions of the present Conditions.

12. Compensation

Failure by the Buyer of these Conditions or any other applicable conditions may result in damages for Bermondsey. In this sense, the Buyer will be obliged to compensate him for any damage, loss, damage or cost (such as the fees of lawyers and solicitors). Likewise, if the Buyer fails to comply with any type of claims or proceedings against Bermondsey, Bermondsey must leave Bermondsey unharmed, and he may claim any expense, cost, damage or prejudice derived from them.

13. Modifications

Bermondsey may, at any time and without prior notice, update and / or modify these conditions. Said modifications will come into force as of their publication on the Website through any means and form. The modification of these Conditions will only affect the Buyers that accept them subsequent to said modification.

14. General Questions

14.1. Safeguard and Interpretation of these Conditions

These Conditions, the Particular Conditions accepted at any time and any other conditions applicable to the Buyer constitute a single agreement between the Buyer and Bermondsey. In case of contradiction between what is foreseen in these Conditions and any other conditions subscribed between the parties, the terms and conditions of these Conditions will prevail over what is foreseen in them, unless the stipulations included in them expressly establish otherwise. The fact that any of the parties, due to impossibility or convenience, does not demand strict compliance with any of the terms of these Conditions at a certain time does not imply nor can it be interpreted as a total or partial modification of the same, nor as a waiver on your part to demand compliance in strict terms in the future. The declaration of nullity of any or some of the Stipulations of these Conditions by the competent Authority will not prejudice the validity of the rest. In this case, the contracting parties undertake to negotiate a new stipulation in substitution of the annulled one with the greater possible identity with it. If the substitution becomes impossible and the Stipulation is essential for these Conditions, in the opinion of the party harmed by its elimination, it may opt for the resolution of the Conditions. Any reference made in these Conditions to an article or regulatory body that is repealed shall be understood as made to the equivalent provision that replaces it.

14.2. Language

The language applicable to these Conditions is Spanish. If versions of these have been offered in other languages, it has been courtesy, for the convenience of the Buyer. This expressly accepts that they will always be governed by the Spanish version. If there is any contradiction between what the Spanish version of these General Purchase Conditions says and what one of your translations says, in any case the Spanish version will prevail.

14.3. Legislación y Fuero

The relations between Bermondsey and the Buyer arising as a result of the acceptance of these Conditions shall be governed by Spanish legislation and jurisdiction. For the resolution of the disputes or conflicts that have occurred between Bermondsey and the Buyer that has the consideration of consumer and user in accordance with the applicable regulations in the matter, both will be submitted, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, to the Courts and Courts of the Purchaser's domicile. In the event that the Buyer does not have the consideration of consumer and user in accordance with the applicable regulations, the parties will submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, unless by law a different jurisdiction is determined imperatively, the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Bermondsey informs you that you have, at the initiative of the European Union, an online dispute resolution platform that you can use to resolve conflicts with companies or businessmen that you have hired through the Internet. You can access this platform by clicking on the following link:


Regarding the contracting of services you just have to fill in and send an email if you wish to cancel the contract indicating the product's reference, date of purchase, names and surnames, email, address and current date to

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