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Zigler Original Rugs

Zigler is an antique and contemporary carpet store founded in 1986 in Madrid. In it you will find one of the largest collections of antique rugs in Europe.

All our rugs are made by hand with natural dyes and different techniques used according to the region of origin, configuring unique and exclusive items in the world of textile art

Free home testing and advice

We offer personalized advice to help you choose and purchase your rug. In addition, we move to your home with a selection of rugs to try them IN SITU at no added cost.

Carpet cleaning and restoration

In our workshop we clean the carpets by hand and restore them thanks to the expert team of antique carpet and tapestry restorers. We maintain traditional and artisan restoration and cleaning techniques to keep the pieces in perfect condition.

All our restorations have our seal of guarantee.

Our commercial service serves Madrid province and they will pick up the carpet at your home, clean it by hand and install it again.

3D projects

If you send us by email photographs of the space you want to decorate, our team of professionals will carry out a 3D simulation to show you different alternatives.

In this way, you can visualize how the rugs look in your space. Get a much better idea of ​​its location within the room and how it will complement the rest of the decorative elements.

This service is totally free.

Custom rugs

At Zigler, our stock of rugs, kilims and patchworks is at your disposal. The carpet that you like the most is made with the exact measurement of the space that it will occupy after delivery.

1. Select the rug you like best from our extensive catalog.
2. Click on "Order custom" and send us the desired measurements.
3. We will send you a detailed estimate of your custom carpet so that you can make the order.

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