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carpets at home madrid

Cleaning and restoration

In our workshop we clean the rugs by hand and restore them thanks to the expert team of antique carpet and tapestry restorers. We maintain traditional and artisanal restoration and cleaning techniques to keep the pieces in perfect condition.

All our restorations have our seal of guarantee. Our commercial service serves Madrid province and they will pick up the carpet at your home, clean it by hand and install it again.

carpets at home madrid

How do we clean and restore your carpet?

A detailed cleaning is done by hand. Subsequently, a restoration of the damaged areas is carried out with old or aged wool depending on the type of piece and its origin and respecting the range of colors and the original drawing.

1.We pick up your carpet at your home.

2. We carry out a cleaning and in case you need a restoration, we give you a detailed budget.

3. When we are done, we take it home again and leave it installed.

Any questions? Contact us:

Zigler's team of experts will figure it out for you. Receive personalized advice on your purchase. You can call us at (+34) 91 575 43 76.

Services for professionals

carpets at home madrid

Special discounts for professionals

Are you a decorator or interior designer? We have special advantages for professionals. Get in touch with us or visit our Shoowroom in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, we decorate all kinds of spaces.

carpets at home madrid

Carpet rental

The rental of rugs is increasingly in demand by individuals and professionals. At Zigler we have been collaborating with interior designers, photographers and decorators for years, offering all our experience so that rugs fill the space you need with light.

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