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carpets at home madrid

Request a free trial at my home

1. You can make a selection of rugs on the web reserving the ones you like the most online.

2. We will get in touch to make an appointment at his house and bring him the rugs.

3. You can see how the rugs are selected in the space where you need it.

4. You just have to decide which carpet you want to keep, as simple as that.

carpets at home madrid

3D projects

If you send us photos of the space you want to decorate by email, our team of professionals will perform a 3D simulation to show you different alternatives.

In this way, you can visualize how the rugs look in your space. Get a much better idea of ​​its location within the room and how it will complement the rest of the decorative elements.

This service is totally free.

Any questions? Contact us:

Zigler's team of experts will figure it out for you. Receive personalized advice on your purchase. You can call us at (+34) 91 575 43 76.

Services for professionals

carpets at home madrid

Special discounts for professionals

Are you a decorator or interior designer? We have special advantages for professionals. Get in touch with us or visit our Shoowroom in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid, we decorate all kinds of spaces.

carpets at home madrid

Carpet rental

The rental of rugs is increasingly in demand by individuals and professionals. At Zigler we have been collaborating with interior designers, photographers and decorators for years, offering all our experience so that rugs fill the space you need with light.

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