How To Buy A Rug?

If you plan to buy a rug soon, this post will serve as a tutorial on what you should do before and during the acquisition process. What you have to take into account and how to proceed with the choice and purchase of a decorative element as important as a rug. We help you doing it step by step:

1-Take the measurements:

Metro in hand, measure the area or space / stay for which you intend to buy the rug. The more precise you are the better. Although if you wish, our customer service can orient you in terms of measurements and designs so you can not worry. We are here to solve your doubts.

2-Visit our rug store:

We are in Claudio Coello street, nº 16 - 28001 Madrid (Spain). Request your appointment byr WhatsappAnd know firsthand those rugs that have interested you on our website. We have been offering quality handmade rugs for more than 30 years. Can not you pass?

Do not worry! We have a complete web where you can see unpublished videos of each rug and soak up with each of the decorative pieces that we offer.

3-Find out about our promotions through social networks:

We offer unique and original carpets with significant discounts of up to 70%. We have one of the largest collections of antique rugs in Spain. And we are leaders in contemporary designs with references from different parts of the world.




4-Shuffle options:

Depending on the room or space you are going to occupy, consult with the seller about fabrics, colors and types of rugs . As each place requires different materials and designs.For that, you will receive all the advice of our customer service team.

¿Did you like any? We provide you with the photographs and videos you need. Even, if you send us a photo of your stay we will make a montage of what the rug would look like together with the final budget.

5-Make the purchase:

Via online or in the physical store. Choose the payment method that best suits you and ... Ready! Soon you can start enjoying your new Zigler carpet. If you have questions about warranty, cleaning or duration we will be happy to assist you.


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