The marble has always been synonymous with elegance and versatility. A material that gives greatness what it sets or decorates and it seems that now more than ever it is being very exploited as a decorative element. Through fabrics, textures, papers or other materials, it is becoming easier to incorporate marble in all its versions to our 'decostyle'. It is a trend and is among the safe proposals of the collections of almost all textile brands. It's fashionable and in Zigler we are going to approach you some proposals of ideal rugs that imitate those finishes so typical of this material, it is about some pieces of our abstract collection.

And it is that until the New Style magazine he wanted to show some of our rugs recently inone of his reports on this phenomenon of interior design. Elaborated by hand in silk and wool in the craft workshops that the firm Zigler has in Pakistan are the perfect ally to acclimate any stay. They give luminosity to the place by the tones that are used and the effect produced by silk.

Among other elements to note is that its abstract design makes the rug look like a painting put on the floor and, besides, having no borders, the rug focuses very well on the decorative spaces.

Generally our customers opt for this type of pieces for modern dining rooms, living rooms with neutral or minimalist furniture, where in the end the rug is the center of attention, the one that takes center stage.

If you have fallen in love with these pieces that simulate marble, do not hesitate to contact us. We can make it in the size you want in exclusive.

The most incredible? Its texture When mixing silk designs with a wool structure it gives a feeling of constant softness in use. Quite an experience


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