Spain has one of the most important collections of the world of tapestries, all of them are part of the history of traditional tapestry. They have been and are a symbol of power and wealth, since they appeared as a decorative and artistic element that protected homes from adverse weather conditions. They have never gone out of fashion, because more than a trend they are living history. The restoration of tapestries is increasingly common in those who love decoration, art or simply those who do not want to lose part of their family legacy.

Zigler's restoration and cleaning service recently received a new order. This time it was an old tapestry that needed different arrangements and cares to restore its essence. In the image we can see an old tapestry from Brussels of the eighteenth century, it is represented 'The Rendition of Hannibal after the battle of Zama'.

The process

Due to the discoloration of the entire surface due to the instability of the dyes, we proceeded to carry out an analysis of the materials and compositions of the carpet. The state in which it is found (tears, tears, losses of weft and warp, solubility of the dyes ...) Later, we set to work with great delicacy. Respecting the necessary care and specifications for such an object.

At Zigler we are in favor of carrying out our restorations and cleanings using traditional and traditional techniques. An aspiration and cleaning is done in detail. Then, the repair of the damaged or worn areas with thread is carried out, respecting the range of colors used in the original pieces. Once finalized, it would only be left to decide the way in which it is going to be exposed.

If you have a carpet or a rug that needs our services, do not hesitate to contact us. Come to the Claudio Coello street, 16 in Madrid or ask for an appointment through our WhatsApp service. We will be happy to assist you.


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