Did you know that the colors around you may be influencing your emotions or your mental state? Some tones can irritate you or give you peace, calm and relaxation. The colors that surround you can have an effect on you.

The psychology of color serves to know and understand a bit how we behave with respect to each color, that transmit us and the emotions that make us feel. Not in all cultures there is the same interpretation, although below and, in a generic way, we will see its effect in Western societies and the influences on our mood.

For example, when it comes to decorating a store, every detail is chosen very well in order to make the client feel comfortable and motivate to buy, just as it happens with workspaces in an office. And in your house? If you think about your home, surely you have chosen very well the color of the rooms, the tones of the furniture or the decorative elements of each room. If you have not already done so, you can start now by choosing your Zigler rug based on what you want to contribute.

The psychology of colors


The color red can increase the pulsations and accelerate breathing. It is associated with emotion, passion, love, energy and movement. It can also have negative associations, including war, violence, fire and danger.


Yellow is the brightest color. It is associated with competitiveness, happiness, joy, optimism and youth. Yellow has negative connotations such as cowardice, deception and vulgarity.


Orange is an energetic color full of life, associated with fun, happiness, energy, warmth, ambition, excitement and enthusiasm. You can also communicate caution.


Green has a harmonic effect. It is associated with growth, health, nature, well-being, money, calm, masculinity, generosity, fertility, envy, good luck, peace and energy.


Blue is associated with masculinity, efficiency, quality, calm, seriousness, strength, wisdom, loyalty, strength, productivity, confidence and security. Strong blue can be refreshing and energetic.


Purple is associated with royalty. It can be used to convey creativity, imagination, authority, sophistication, power, wealth, prosperity, mystery, wisdom and respect.


Brown is a natural and warm color associated with the earth, roughness, reliability, stability, friendship and nature.


Black is a strong color associated with sophistication, elegance, authority, power, stability, strength, formality and intelligence. It can also symbolize death, mystery, evil and rebellion.


White is associated with purity, cleanliness, happiness, sincerity and security.


Gray is associated with formality, professionalism, sophistication, timelessness and strong character.


Although pink is a shade of red, it has specific associations beyond those of red. Pink represents sophistication, sincerity, romance and love. It does not have the violent notes of red, and it can be quite gentle.

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