With the good weather you want to change of airs and redecorate the house giving another style to the rooms. The heat leads to you want to keep the carpets of hair (wool or silk) to pass to other lighter. The best option is the kilims, which due to their characteristics, are much thinner and totally lack of "hair", so they will allow you to get more freshness in your space.

Among the advantages of a kilim is its easy maintenance. But there are many other good points of this type of carpets.

• They have an infinity of applications.

• They are usually reversible.

• Versatile in terms of decoration.

• They wash easily.

• They are light.

• They are antiallergic

• They are not electrically conductive due to their composition: made with natural fibers.

Zigler has a wide variety of kilims CHECK OUR CATALOG and let yourself be seduced by the summer carpets.


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